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Gourmet Salad

Salmon smoked by us with birch sawdust - Glass of Baie de Houx (3cl)

Caviar Prestige de France (Aquitaine origin) 30g with toast

Oscietre Prestige Caviar (from Bulgaria) 30g with toast

Terrine of duck liver cooked in old Port wine - Glass of Coteaux du Layon

Fisherman's salad

Lobster bisque

Raw vegetables

Stuffed clams

Fish terrine

Chef's terrine

Fisherman's soup with rust

Moules Marinières or Moules Océan (according to season)


Seafood platter

Armorican Oysters

Hollow oysters from Brittany

Open sea clams

Langoustines with mayonnaise


Bouquet of pink shrimps from Croisic
(depending on fishing from September to April)

Grey shrimp
(depending on the season)

Spider crab



Lobsters and Spiny Lobsters

Lobster swimming

Lobster American style

Grilled Lobster

Lobster with mayonnaise

Grilled lobster


Season from 1 October
on 1 May

Swimming scallops

Skewered scallops

Scallops Provencal style

Scallops with vegetable sauce

Scallops in its shell with truffle julienne


We would rather be without a product from our menu for a short period of time than to offer you an inferior quality that you may not like.
Thank you for your understanding.

Sea bass in a flaky crust (minimum 2 people)
Sea bass in a salt crust (minimum 2 people)
Ocean" sole fillets
Poached Turbot in Hollandaise sauce
Roasted Turbot in Foyot sauce
Poached sea bass with white butter sauce
Grilled sea bass with fennel sauce
Grilled red mullet(s) with anchovy butter
Sole meunière
Skate with hazelnut butter
St. Pierre with vegetable sauce

Grilled sardines from Le Croisic (according to season)


The "Blonde d'Aquitaine" and "Limousin" beef reared and slaughtered in France, and the farm veal reared under the mother, reared and slaughtered in France, come from the Boucherie Prampart in Le Croisic.

Beef fillet with green pepper sauce or Béarnaise sauce
Rib of beef in Béarnaise sauce (2 people)
Veal escalope with cream sauce


Spinach with cream sauce

Mushrooms in cream sauce

Seasonal salad

Braised Endives


Our cheeses are matured and selected by the Cario cheese factory in Le Croisic.

Hot crottin with sherry vinegar salad


Carrément Chocolat Praliné
 (Chocolate in 3 ways and gianduja praline crunch)

Creamy Fromage Blanc, Lemon Pear
(Declination of Pear)

Pineapple Tatin
(Breton shortbread, Caramelized pineapple, Almond ganache)

Baba with Grand Marnier and Citrus Consommé

Coconut Exotic Fruit Millefeuille
(Coconut Chantilly, Exotic Fruits)

Plate of homemade ice cream and sorbets

Ice cream: Vanilla, Cocoa nibs, Salted butter caramel

Sorbets: Exotic Fruits, Pear, Apple Rhubarb