The salt flats

Charming hotel Loire-Atlantique

The salt marshes, from our charming hotel in Loire-Atlantique

Salt marshes on the Côte Sauvage

In the heart of the Loire Atlantique region, the Guérande salt marshes cover an area of 1,400 hectares and offer stunning landscapes where geometric shapes are adorned with pretty pastel colours. You can walk, cycle or ride in a horse-drawn carriage through the marshes, but you can also visit a farm to learn about the techniques used by the salt workers. These date back to the 9th century and mainly involve regulating water levels in successive basins to facilitate evaporation and then crystallisation of the salt.

Thus, without machines or chemicals, the salt workers manage to harvest this "white gold" which is a source of delight for gourmets: fleur de sel. To learn more about salt and the life of salt workers throughout history, you can also visit the Salt Marshes Museum in Batz-sur-Mer, which offers a fun and educational tour.

Le Croisic

Le Croisic

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An aerial view of La Baule waterfront in Loire Atlantique

La Baule

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